New Agreement Between FUFU and Enjin to Mint NFTs

New Agreement Between FUFU and Enjin to Mint NFTs

There has been news of a new collaborative agreement between Enjin and GWABBA LTD, the firm which developed UwUFUFU. This new agreement is for the adoption of the platform of Enjin on FUFU. Users will be able to integrate and mint Ethereum- powered NFTs. 

With this new collaboration, FUFU will utilize the NFT technology of Enjin and discover further opportunities to bring more innovation. It will also be initiating marketing activities. This will also help both Enjin and FUFU to explore the coordination between them.

With the establishment of this arrangement, both Enjin and FUFU will have better opportunities to facilitate more exposure for these two ecosystems. This integration between FUFU and Enjin will also help them strategize and develop innovative projects together in the coming years. FUFU developer, GWABBA LTD, stated it is excited to venture upon this new journey with Enjin. Both the companies commit to providing world-class services to the users of their platforms and their communities. 

The Enjin network has been a leading participant in the gaming space since 2009. Its original gaming platform hosts over 20 million players. The Enjin network is a leading name in the NFT ecosystem, providing its users with products and services which allow them to integrate NFTs in an innovative manner. In 2017, Enjin was the one to create the ERC 1155 NFT standard and also launched its first platform for minting NFTs. 

The FUFU is a platform where users can easily create quizzes, share them with their friends, and earn NFTs through the reward system. It envisions to help them to distribute NFTs for future gamified marketing campaigns and make use of their digital campaigns successfully for advertising in the form of content marketing. UwUFUFU is this ecosystem’s flagship platform for creating NFTs. This platform is already used widely by thousands of content creators and users.

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