Wanaka Farm Teams With Kyber Alumni Fund

Wanaka Farm Teams With Kyber Alumni Fund

Taking pride in being a highly-acclaimed NFT-supported, blockchain-powered gaming project, Wanaka Farm has cracked a strategic partnership with the Kyber Alumni Fund of Kyber Network, a renowned liquidity channel.

The Wanaka Farm project is the first solution to get investment support from the Kyber Alumni Fund, fueling its core functioning ecosystem. With this pact, Kyber will help Wanaka Farm to establish its strong control across the NFT sphere. The deal will help to popularize NFTs by making them more accessible for people. The industry of Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs has seen tremendous growth in recent times, with firms exploring the field with a diverse range of products. The NFT products are digital assets that represent real-world objects like music, art, sports, etc. These products are purchased and traded over the Internet easily through crypto tokens.

According to the report, Kyber Alumni Fund will nurture high-potential projects associated with the ecosystem. It will invest and give necessary assistance to any Kyber Alumni member willing to launch their individual projects. The Kyber Network facilitates many use cases in the decentralized space by enabling quick integration of any wallet or application with a token exchange into their projects seamlessly. The platform offers plenty of features like:

  • Swift to-and-fro settlement of digital tokens.
  • Full transparency and security.
  • No connection with off-chain components through easy integration.
  • Avail of leading token rates from multiple liquidity portals.
  • Interact with multiple token exchanges in a single transaction.

Designed as a visual and gaming treat for NFT fans, Wanaka Farm is a popular gaming project with a strong customer cluster. The entire setup draws inspiration from the exotic beauty of Wanaka, a town from the South Island of New Zealand.

The game’s intuitive sound and immersive visuals are enough to keep the players hooked to their screens and return every time to enjoy the peaceful fun. The players play the role of a farmer in the game and indulge in various related activities. They cultivate lands, breed pets, and decorate their land. The gamers contribute to creating a whole metaverse integrating various customized farmlands of their choice.

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