Kava Labs and CertiK Enter Into a Partnership

Kava Labs and CertiK Enter Into a Partnership

CertiK finally announced entering into a strategic partnership with Kava Labs to work on developing composable decentralized finance (DeFi) services and apps for the security of the Kava Labs ecosystem. The partnership is a demonstration of the leadership of CertiK in the world of blockchain security. Established in 2018, CertiK utilizes the most advanced AI technologies to monitor blockchain protocols and smart contracts. CertiK applies state-of-the-art innovations to build applications of blockchain security. 

The ecosystem of Kava Labs will now have a dedicated tab at the Security Leaderboard certified by CertiK. The Leaderboard will provide audit reports, security rankings, and community alerts for every project marked with the security assessment and onboarding authentication of CertiK. The projects are now directly linked with the Security Leaderboard due to the integration with CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap and audited by CertiK. Kava Labs is renowned for connecting the biggest financial systems, ecosystems, and cryptocurrencies across the world. It is the sole objective of Kava Labs to build a scalable and secure home for the future of DeFi through a combination of institutional-grade security, Layer-1 architecture, and design driven by user experience. 

CertiK also announced furnishing the projects of Kava Labs with a year’s subscription to Skynet. The intelligence engine of Skynet will supervise and protect the DeFi platforms dynamically and in real-time by constantly monitoring tokens and smart contracts against Security Primitives. The 24×7 supervision will increase security and transparency across the cryptocurrency world and secure the ecosystem of Kava Labs. 

The security suite of CertiK increases in power with an increase in its deployment. The collaboration with Kava Labs will fuel the mission of CertiK by raising the level of security and transparency in the blockchain universe.

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