Autofarm Integrates Fantom for Enhanced Cross-Chain Utility

Autofarm Integrates Fantom for Enhanced Cross-Chain Utility

Autofarm has announced its yet another integration, this time with Fantom. This has come close to the heels of the organization joining hands with Avalanche just a couple of days back. These integrations testify to the resolve of Autofarm to become a dominant player in the segment of the multi-chain platforms. With this new integration, Autofarm has now got five chains on its platform. It is well on its way to becoming an ideal platform that returns the best possible yields to investors regardless of what blockchain network they use for investment purposes. 

The collaboration will create a Win-Win situation for both organizations involved in the pact. Users of Fantom will get a chance to enjoy the best strategies to optimize the yield and that too at the best possible rates available in the market. Users can use the innovative contract platform of Fantom for inventing a range of dApps and digital assets. The platform’s popularity can be estimated from the fact that it has a $1.9 billion TVL and extended support to a total of 50 projects. It has partnered with the likes of Band Protocol, Ren, and Chainlink, and thanks to this new integration with Autofarm, users will now get access to a total of forty-four new vaults, including the seven belonging to the category of single LP. 

In addition to this new collaboration, there is a range of developments that are already in progress and will materialize soon in the future. For example, the launch of the AutoSwap is on the cards that will help the organization come up with its aggregator on Avalanche. Also, the platform is working diligently to get more vaults on its cross-chain network so that the benefit to the communities in the ecosystem can be enhanced and maximized. Crypto experts and analysts are closely monitoring the situation, and it’ll be interesting to witness what new associations will bring to the table.

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