Pontem Is Excited to Announce Its Newest Partnership with DIA

Pontem Is Excited to Announce Its Newest Partnership with DIA

Pontem made announcements of its latest collaboration with DIA (Decentralised Information Asset) and incorporated its oracle date into the Pontem set-up on Kusama and Polkadot, the two up-and-coming blockchain types. 

This incorporate will work very helpfully in enabling users to get access to DIA oracle data as well as price feeds for a variety of pluses, for example, BTC, ETH, etc. Also, the oracle data will also provide on-chain data from diverse parachains that DIA is incorporated with, for example, Moonbeam and Acala.

This joint venture seems a promising one; after all, the recent step taken by Pontem shall work wonders in building up their decoy network on the Kusama blockchain. The project lately stated their Pontem Nox token generation occurrence, a crowdloan on the Kusama set-up intended to enable the project to win a parachain slot sale. Considering the parachain on Kusama, developers can try out their designs and codes in real fiscal terms prior to transferring them to the Pontem set-up on Polkadot. 

Pontem is an up-and-coming development interface allowing its users to design and try out their no-code solutions. DIA’s non-proprietary oracle data will provide the data feeds useful for dApps to commune unswervingly with reliable info, enabling them to create failsafe products. 

The Pontem Setup on Polkadot is created using a codebase similar to Meta ( previously known as Facebook) supported Diem blockchain and aspired to become a canary set-up for the Diem network facilitating its users to create, try out and implement their personal d Apps on the Polkadot set-up prior to moving the Diem blockchain. Having the Nox set-up on Kusama, Pontem is designing its personal decoy set-up to enable developers to try out features and integrate regulatory compliance under real economic conditions before moving to Pontem on Polkadot.

The project is charged up regarding the incorporation of DIA oracles into their decoy set-up on Kusama and is doing its best to build up the Nox network.

About DIA

DIA referring to Decentralised Information Asset, is an open-source fiscal information source that puts crypto-economic incentives into service to specify the origin and confirm the validity of data. It provides users with the convenience of sourcing, providing, using, and sharing monetary and digital asset data. DIA offers customized data feeds that can specify the origin of both on-chain and off-chain statistics that can be located on a blockchain. DIA’s data sources and methodological analysis are crystal clear and overtly accessible to every person.

About Pontem 

Pontem is creating a bridge to link the Diem Blockchain to the deconcentrated network of public blockchains with permissions, for example, Ethereum, Polkadot, etc. This will reveal billions of Meta users to any crypto use-case, ranging from deconcentrated finance (DeFi) to non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Considering the Pontem eco-system and development interact, users can create and try out the apps on Polkadot and various other well-known blockchains prior to moving their products to the Diem Blockchain.

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