Wrapped Launches Eco BTC (eBTC) For Eco Fans

Wrapped Launches Eco BTC (eBTC) For Eco Fans

Working as a leading blockchain and cryptocurrency-powered project, Wrapped is proud to announce the exclusive launch of Eco BTC (eBTC), the first-of-its-kind carbon-neutral digital asset pegged against Bitcoin for its fast-growing user community.

The team has designed the virtual token for all the traders inclined towards Bitcoin investment along with a serious concern for the impact it has on the environment. eBTC is a revolutionary project that is empowered with a dedicated combination of Bitcoin and MOSS.Earth Carbon Credits (MCO2). The customers holding eBTC shall be allowed to trade using an asset pegged 1:1 with BTC, thereby promising high-end security. The token holders will avail a plethora of advantages, including:

  • Employ BTC for investment and DeFi projects in a carbon-neutral system
  • Keep a record of the data required for ESG or eco-friendly solutions
  • Easy conversion into the Bitcoin asset in the ratio 1:1

As per the report, the newly-launched asset will be accessible for investment and trading purposes on the Celo blockchain network via Ubeswap. Ubeswap is an open-source, mobile-friendly, Decentralized Exchange portal focused on providing an unmatched experience to the users. It is a dedicated Automated Market Maker (AMM) solution that is a fork of Uniswap operating on the Celo blockchain channel.

Talking about the partnership, Mason Borda, the CEO of Tokensoft, stated that the eBTC project is a dedicated attempt for those concerned about Bitcoin’s carbon effects. The token allows investors to deal with BTC seamlessly while furthering the sustainable objectives of the team. A similar reaction was given by Luis Adaime, CEO of Moss.Earth, who conveyed that the firm is elated to launch the innovative virtual asset for users in the industry via the collaboration with Wrapped.

The investors using Wrapped can lend and trade their virtual assets on all leading DeFi portals with high-end security and transparency. All the holdings are collateralized and secured with a recognized custodian. On the other hand, MOSS.Earth works to create awareness about sustainable growth and pacing environmental threats. The company thrives on developing a carbon credit space where entities can purchase the credits and do their bit for the environment protection regime.

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