QuantmRE To Leverage Algorand Protocol For User-Friendly Blockchain Token

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QuantmRE announced that it would use the Algorand protocol to create a market of blockchain-based real estate that will allow investors to trade fractionalized interests in residential homes under equity, enabling digital access to this $18 trillion asset.

QuantmRE, a pioneer in Home Equity Agreements (HEAs) ( which are debt-free in nature) has enabled homeowners to access dollars in liquidity. This is a blockchain solution created by Algorand, working towards transforming the process by which home equity gets finance.

By using the tokenized HEAs, investors may construct and trade customized home equity portfolios in residential areas occupied by the owner.

W. Sean Ford, the COO of Algorand, said they are thrilled to see Algorand’s worldwide, decentralized space used by progressive companies like QuantmRE. They are collaborating with a rapidly increasing ecosystem of firms redefining and extending access to traditionally illiquid and closed-opportunity assets by pursuing their goal of the growing blockchain capital markets for trading residential home equity on the platform.

About QuantmRE

QuantmRE’s “Equity Freedom” initiative is designed to offer a debt-free solution called the Home Equity Agreement. The deal allows homeowners to receive a lumpsum payment in exchange for a percentage of their home’s present and future worth without incurring any extra debt.

QuantmRE has created a groundbreaking market of blockchain-based real estate where users can trade fractionalized units of Home Equity Agreements and have access to the multi-trillion residential real estate asset market.

About Algorand

Algorand is working towards technology that will enable the Future of Finance (FutureFi), which is the fusion of old and decentralized financial models into a unified and secure system.

Algorand, founded by Turing prize winner cryptographer Silvio Micali, built a blockchain architecture that provides the interoperability and capacity needed for DeFi, financial institutions, and governments to move to FutureFi with ease.

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