Kim Kardashian Posts About Ethereum Max on Instagram

Kim Kardashian Posts About Ethereum Max on Instagram

Ethereum Max, the new ERC 20 project developed on Ethereum, garners massive attention on social media as renowned personalities are talking about it. Recently, Kim Kardashian joined the list after following the example of Pierce and Mayweather. All three personalities shilled about the project on Instagram.

Developed almost a month back, Ethereum Max is still arousing speculations and suspicion. Most traders wonder whether the project is legit while names like Kim Kardashian are posting about it on Instagram.

Kim’s post on Instagram clearly expressed it was an AD. The post went on like,

Are you, people, into cryptocurrencies? This isn’t financial advice but sharing some information my friend told me about the ETH Max! They recently burned over 400 trillion tokens, half of the admin wallet, to return to the e-max community. Swipe here to join the e-max community seamlessly.

As expected, the post/advertisement caused an uproar on social media. The sudden outburst came about as if celebrities have not already been advertising skeptical crypto projects this year. Even Newsweek did not spare Kim’s shill as Aatif Sulleyman (a columnist) stated how Safemoon fans have already attempted to court Kim. The celebrity previously shared an ad on Instagram where Ethereum Max’s website was featured.

Paul Pierce (Hall of Fame Boston Celtics Champion) also tweeted about Ethereum Max in May. His tweet stated that he is earning more through Ethereum Max than he did with ESPN. Paul was followed by Floyd Mayweather, who wore an ETH Max t-shirt at the BTC 2021 conference held in Miami. Mayweather received booing when he announced that another cryptocurrency would reach Bitcoin’s stature in the future. The token team also sponsored Floyd’s bout against online celebrity Logan Paul.

Currently, the Ethereum Max token is swapping for 0.000000155041 dollars. Despite the continuous lifts from well-known personalities, there has been no real progress in its price. However, the token is experiencing a 5% growth on Tuesday, which amounts to a 234% growth since its market introduction.

While the numbers seem convincing, it is not something the crypto sector has not experienced before. Given the current state of the crypto circuit, it is not surprising to see cheap new cryptos garnering quick growth. It remains to be seen whether the token can continue the growth as a promotion can only take its growth so far.

Ethereum Max is a newly introduced ERC 20 token built on the Ethereum network. For the past month, the token has been speculated, especially with known names like Paul Pierce and Floyd Mayweather talking about it. Now Kim Kardashian posted about the token on her Instagram, making the circuit even more skeptical. Even after Kim’s Instagram post, there has been no startling growth in e-max’s market price, and traders continue to wonder whether it is legit or not.

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